There are no strangers here, only friends that haven't met

Brennan's Pub is dedicated to a warm and friendly service for our customers.
If we are not proud of it, we will not serve it!

Our beers on tap include Guinness, Murphy's, Kilkenny, Newcastle, Heineken and some well known German beers, plus a good selection of English and German bottled varieties.

It is worth asking for our whiskey Card where over 20 different Irish and Scottish whiskeys are on offer.

Whiskey Tasting Club Landau

The last Sunday of every month is the ' Whiskey Tasting Club '  starting at 6pm for more information contact Dominic on 0157 88,612,376


Live Music Saturday 15th of March with Marcus starting at 9pm. 

Live Music Monday 17th of March with Scurrilitas starting at 8:30 pm. For St. Patrick's Weekend Shamrock Slammer only € 1.50.

TRADITIONAL IRISH MUSIC: SUNDAY JUNE 14th AND SUNDAY September 15th starting at 7:30 pm

Brennan's Pub Team